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Apple Sage Sausage Mushroom Loaf

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In a past post for MOFO I mentioned a website that I love called The Magical Loaf Studio where I have learned how to make the most amazing loaves. This time I felt I was ready to break away from … Continue reading

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Fig Chocolate Rolls

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I did baking this past weekend to contribute to our vegan grocery stores quarterly bake sale. Being short on time I figured rolls were fairly simple. A popular item this holiday season for many of my non vegan friends are … Continue reading

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Root Vegetable and Fennel Casserole

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I had never eaten a rutabaga so I decided to buy one and create something with it. For the purpose of trying it this recipe wasn’t the best choice because I am still not sure what a rutabaga taste like. … Continue reading

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Worthy Of Sharing: Organic or Not

So I don’t preach about it much on the blog but my family tries to eat as much organically grown food as possibly and unless we are eating out we do not eat foods with GMO’s. I do not specify … Continue reading

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Celeriac Salad

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Celeriac also known as celery root is often used for salads. You mcay have had something similar to this so forgive me if you find it to simple. I thought I would share it anydway bezcause I have never had … Continue reading

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Vegans Say What?: PETA

I will ask for your forgiveness now. Our computer is having a temper tantrum. We contemplated buying a new one last week and though we opted to not buy one our current computer has been acting up ever since. The … Continue reading

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Worthy Of Sharing: Vegan Baking Cheat Sheet

Peta put this out and I love it! It’s cute and it has directions for making vegan condensed milk! So cool!!! Just click the link below. Happy baking! The Ultimate Vegan Baking Cheat Sheet   *Thanks for catching the link … Continue reading

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