>KISS in the Kitchen

>Hey kids, it’s SassySteffi’s baby’s daddy* Felipe here with the first of periodic posts written by yours truly.  While the Missus is the culinary creationist of the family and the driving force of DFV, the dirty little secret is that I do most of the day-to-day cooking here on the home front.

Being a relative novice in the kitchen, the best approach to cooking for me is the KISS method.  That doesn’t mean I blast “Calling Dr. Love” while I’m cooking,  I save that for later if ya’ know whatta I’ma sayin’.   I mean KISS as Uncle Sam’s Army taught me:

Keep It Simple Stupid

I’ll be posting my own recipes for lazy and incompetent ere…i mean rushed and in-experienced chef’s like myself, guaranteed to impress the undies off the pickiest of eaters using off the shelf products usually available at your local Trader Joe’s.  Measurements, we don’t need no stinkin’ measurements.  Let’s call it the Lego method of cooking, round up the parts and snap those suckers together.

As the house custodian of all things kitchen gadget related, I’ll also post about some of the cool toys we’ve collected, usually when I don’t have a dish to write about.

Just so you know what your in for, sometimes I might not be so user friendly.  I cuss, I’m crude, I bitch and I throw things.  Cooking while listening to Norman Goldman will do that to a person.  They made a movie about that Julie chick, so why not let all hang out here.

Enough about me, you’re here for the food so here we go.  This dinner is so simple it would be stupid except it’s so freekin’ delicious and good lookin’ too that your dinner guest will never know it.

Baked Portabella Mushrooms
Scale for how many people you’re feeding and how hungry they are.  I usually make 1 large & 1 small/medium portabella per adult.

Portabella Mushrooms (no sh*t really?)
Goddess Dressing
Herbes de Provence
Fresh Vegetable of your choice
Loaf of Par Baked Bread

Preheat oven to 375 degrees
Clean mushrooms, removing gills.  Place upside down on a cooking sheet, fill  with Goddess Dressing and dust with Herbes de Provence.  Bake for 10-12 minutes.  Be careful not to leave them in the oven too long or they will dry out.

Steam the veggies while the mushrooms cook, heat the bread according to the directions.

You can go from zero to plating this in 20 minutes, depending on how fast your oven preheats.

* The Sassy one and I are married, I call myself that just to annoy her.

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