Vegans Say What?: Vegan Hair Color

I miss coloring my hair. Do you have a favorite vegan hair color line?

Some great response from Facebook:

  • Kima Humphrey Professional or not? Im a vegan hairstylist! Are you looking to do it at home or see a professional?
  • Lacey Jack Manic Panic is vegan, and I love it, but as for conventional colours I have no idea. Most companies don’t seem to label either way. I’m interested to read responses to this!
  • Lisa ‘Keiayra’ Byrne I would love to know this myself. I’m a hair stylist, but I would love to get everything vegan.
  • Cat Swartz Chemical free & natural Harvest Moon from Henna Hut & I custom mix my own chocolate burgundy red.

    Welcome to Henna Hut Americas best selling all natural henna hair color products…See More
  • Jessie Stek Lush handmade cosmetics has henna
  • Jennifer Dodson Naturtint- Vitacost has great prices
  • Donna Rochow Absolutely jennifer…Nutratint by Vitacost is a terrific line of vegan hair color!
  • Ruxandra Buture Manic Panic!
  • Janna Crookham Naturtint!
    Molly Brennan Ryan Ion Color Brilliance – it’s sold at Sally Beauty Supply. Many of their styling products are vegan, and via email they’ve confirmed that their colors are as well.
  • Moore Rhys I use

    natural hair color based on henna and botanicals with no chemicals and no artificial ingredients
  • Tina McCready Lush’s henna is a big ole freaking mess and it faded within a week.
  • Helen Siwak I buy the Naturtint at Whole Foods and it is fantastic. Even my chi-chi hairstylist friends are jealous of its staying power and great reds!
  • Alyssa Bradbury Uern You’d have to check the ingredients, but I know Aveda products are usually 99% natural/plant based and none of their products are animal tested, if you were looking to go to a professional.
  • Elisabeth Rose My first thought was Manic Panic, Special Effects ect…but then I realized you probably meant natural looking colors and not crazy ones. Having said that, a brand called Adore has both natural and unnatural colors. They are vegan and semi permanent and supposed to be very good. I ordered a few natural colors to put over my blue hair when I need to go back to natural. It is also cheap. I have heard somewhere between 3 and 5 US dollars.
  • Judith Burkhardt Williams I’m not sure about vegan but I buy Tints of Nature. They do not test on animals and don’t use ingredients that were tested on animals. I have used it and found it to be very natural looking, lasts, and NO FUMES. I love it. Available in natural food stores.

    Specialists in natural health & hair products – order online.
  • The Holistic Hippie Vibrations Henna works like a charm
  • Allison Smith HENNA COLOR LAB!
  • Nicole Lueders Nutratint is the best I’ve found
  • Roxy Wichman Paul Mitchell
  • Trudy Olson I really like Lush henna. It is messy, but all henna is. I didn’t have any trouble with it fading, either. I mix the brun and the marron 1:2 to get a nice chestnut color that makes my grey look like highlights. Because of the grey, I tend to leave it on longer (sometimes overnight), which may help with the fading that others saw.
  • Lynn Harris Is it Naturtint or Nutratint…or are they two different ones?
  • Veronica Rice McCray wow. thanks for those suggestions! i update my own base color, but have my stylist do everything else, and so far, she’s super impressed with the quality of my hair on my natural shampoo/conditioner/styling products. I will definitely check out these brands!

    Don’t Fear The Vegan Thanks for all these great suggestions! I want to go a bit lighter and am definitely going to have it done professionally.
  • Kathrine Breeden!/pages/Verde-Salon/122678947786617?fref=ts

    Evening and early morning appointments available upon request

    Page: 288 like this
  • Kathrine Breeden Verde Salon is my new hairdressing salon since I moved to Arizona and they’re awesome. They use all vegan products and my highlights are the best they’ve ever been!
  • KL Taylor Naturtint, Nutratint, Herbatint, Tints of Nature = all good, vegan, organic, chemical-free.
  • Sonia Morin I have used Naturtint and Herbatint. Meh. I just tried Lush’s Henna. Thumb’s up! I got the red. It’s really nice and, well, lush.
  • Alyssa Bradbury Uern If you’re going professional, I really recommend checking out an Aveda salon!
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1 Response to Vegans Say What?: Vegan Hair Color

  1. Vegas Vegan says:

    I used to do my own using Natra/utint. Then I had cataract surgery and now I can’t see up close. Missed a LOT of gray that way 😦

    So I go to an Aveda cosmetology school every 6 weeks for color. Money well spent as it looks great, lasts a long time, covers the gray (YES!!) and costs less than $25 for retouches. I did have some qualms about the Estee Lauder parent ownership, but I called Aveda HQ and they assured me that they don’t test on animals and all the color shades are vegan.

    I have to take their word…I HATE gray!

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