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It’s National Dairy Month!

  The following is a Public Service Announcement from Felipe to commemorate this year’s celebration of National Dairy Month. This June the National Dairy Association celebrates their 78th (79th in 2015) annual month-long festival of disinformation for fun and profit known as … Continue reading

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Showing Your Love With Food

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A few years ago I had the opportunity to visit Australia and one of the things that struck me was the humor of the t-shirts I saw there.  A couple of my favorites were “If your cat was bigger it … Continue reading

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Junk Food Friday – Calzone

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One of the more vapid arguments omnivores use to dismiss vegan-ism is “I once knew a vegan and they were always sick” as if we vegans believe just eating vegan is a magic path to improved health.  Being vegan is … Continue reading

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EZ Tofu Press

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Way back when my mom-in-law introduced me to making our first incarnation of easy to make faux bacon, she taught me the way to press the water out of the tofu was to wrap the block in a paper towel … Continue reading

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White Chocolate Chip Pancakes

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Well wow, all I can say is that I’m flattered that there are real life DFV’ers actually requesting one of my recipes.  I wasn’t out to become an internet star, I was just feedin’ my girls. Like almost everything else … Continue reading

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Poison Planet

Poison Planet is a Chicago based vegan, straight edge, hardcore punk rock band.  I’m down with two outta three, I can’t say that I understand the straight edge thing but I am glad they’re around………‘cause somebody has to drive….. (rim … Continue reading

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Vegans Behaving Badly? Don’t believe everything you read

Looking back through the DFV archives I realized that we have never written a post on the best donut shop in the freekin’ universe, Mighty-O. How good are Mighty-O’s donuts? They won the Food Network Donut Challenge for the title … Continue reading

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Chai Iced Coffee and the Death of a Kickstarter

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Well the DFV Kickstarter project has approximately 24 hrs to go as I write this and it has been an unmitigated disaster. We’re talking about choking so hard that if our project had been named after a South Park character, … Continue reading

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A.N.D. Cafe – Portland, OR

While preparing for the Kickstarter campaign (hint hint) Mom Vegan and I convinced the grand parental units to take little vegan off our hands for a week.  This meant few road trips down to beautiful Oregon for drop off and … Continue reading

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We Want Your Input!

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We love the suggestions & tips you folks leave in the comments section and now we want to ask for your input on something   We have a piece of art for our next umm……..shall we say promotional endeavor, which we … Continue reading

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