Showing Your Love With Food

A few years ago I had the opportunity to visit Australia and one of the things that struck me was the humor of the t-shirts I saw there.  A couple of my favorites were “If your cat was bigger it would eat you”, “Johnny Ramone was in a great band but he was a f@%#ing c#nt” and my favorite, “Better an awkward morning than a boring night”.

Fifteen years ago when the future Mrs. DFV spent the night for the first time, I won her heart that awkward morning by serving her the most extravagant bagel ever. That and playing her the most beautiful song ever recorded.  It totally clashed with my wild womanizing rocker image of me and blew her mind, lol.

The house I was living in at the time had a pool, on the edge of which my roommate Chris had built a beautiful rock waterfall and we had breakfast outside on the deck enjoying the morning, basking the glow of the previous nights um……activities, falling in love, all that good stuff that happens when you know you’ve found ‘the one’.   As we’re eating, a squirrel decides the waterfall would be a good place to get a quick drink of water.  We’re both watching ‘ooh’ing’ and ‘aah’ing’ over the squirrel when it falls into the pool.  Reading that, as written here, it lacks the impact it had on us that morning, but needless to say it was cute and made that morning even more memorable for us.

Fast-forward through 15 years of domestic bliss and while the mega bagel still is very much appreciated, it really doesn’t have the wow factor that it had that sunny morning long ago.  So what did I do to show my love for my love on this past Sunday morning?

First I programmed our own “Breakfast with The Beatles” play list. I made sure to include “Rocky Racoon” her favorite Beatles’ song of all.  Christ Carter is fine but we still miss Diedre O’Donoghue, she set the tone for those Sunday mornings early in our relationship.

Then feeling creative I whipped up a breakfast sandwich made of Gimme Lean Sausage, Diaya Pepperjack shreds (left over for the calzone from Friday), lettuce & tomato on an English Muffin.

I’m not gonna insult you all by posting a recipe for a sandwich here.  You know what you like and you know how to make a sandwich.  Now make that morning a little less awkward!


There is Diaya in there, I promise.

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