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Pho Yeah, I Made it Vegan!

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Since leaving Seattle over five years ago I have been on a mission to recreate the vegan pho’s we became accustomed to while living there. In Salem there are a couple of places that offer it but the broth is … Continue reading

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Easy Chick’n Noodle Soup in 10 Steps with Homemade Seitan

Anzia learned how to make her Oma’s chick’n noodle soup and since I wasn’t feeling so great she decided to make it for me. I know a lot of adults who are scared to make seitan. Hopefully Anzia will make … Continue reading

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Vegan MOFO, Day 10: Chunky Gazpacho

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We are now ten days into Vegan MOFO and Dad Says It’s Toxic. Mom has seemed to gotten over the initial feelings of queasiness. I feel great. I have had an amazing amount of energy and this healthy eating has … Continue reading

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Red Lentil Chickpea Stew with Roasted Jalapeno Curried Relish

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The more people you cook for the more challenging it becomes. Not just the extra food you need to make, but also with each person adds different taste buds to accommodate for. In our household hubby and I like spicy, … Continue reading

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Creamy Walnut, Roasted Asparagus and Mushroom Soup

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We had some asparagus sitting in the fridge that needed to be used and I was determined to do something different with it. My weekend is on Friday and Saturday and starting Thursday night when I got off work, I … Continue reading

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Must Go Kale, Bean, and Vegetable Stew

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Growing up my sister and I would look forward to “must go” day where my dad would pull everything out of the fridge and come up with a meal that included all the food that needed to be eaten before … Continue reading

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Kabocha, Sweet Potato, Beet and Great Northern Bean Stew & The French Fry Conundrum

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Vegan MOFO: Day 13 An Ode to Vegan Bloggers My only experience with kabocha squash has been in tempura which I absolutely love. Last year during Vegan MOFO, Nicole at The French Fry Conundrum posted a recipe for Roasted Kabocha … Continue reading

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Sauerkraut Soup and Czech Vegan (in America)

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Vegan MOFO: Day 4 An Ode to Vegan Bloggers So our little vegan loves Sauerkraut and I tend to look for recipe ideas that include ingredients she likes in hopes that she will be less reluctant to try the finished … Continue reading

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Spicy Cream of Tomato Raw Soup

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“So how is this different from a smoothie?” asks my hubby, as he looks at the blender full of veggies. I look at the blender, then at him and say, “because we are putting it in a bowl and eating … Continue reading

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Red Lentils with Green Olives

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My mother in law, Mary, is a pretty outstanding cook. One of my favorite dishes she makes is Gandules (pigeon peas) which she learned to make from her mother, Mama.  While Mama was still alive I was fortunate enough to … Continue reading

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