Shout Out

This page is being dedicated to say thanks to all the blogs out there that have taken time to mention us. It is greatly appreciated and has helped us grow.  What an amazing world wide community! If you learned about us somewhere you don’t see listed please let us know.

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5 Responses to Shout Out

  1. Jen says:


    My name is Jen, and I was asked if I would follow your blog. I’m a vegetarian currently working at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. I’m not sure how many vegetarians we have here on station, but there are a few for sure. I know we don’t have any vegans. I’ve frequently wondered how a vegan would survive an Antarctic winter with it being difficult at times to be a vegetarian. Luckily, our lead chef is a vegetarian and always makes sure we have tasty food to eat! We have a Kiwi at Scott Base (the New Zealand station just over the hill) who is a vegan, but she’s the only one. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you have a vegetarian in Antarctica following your blog.


  2. Apryl says:

    I have you linked on my home page! 🙂

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  4. KA GORDON says:

    With Americans shouting NO WHEAT GLUTEN I was so lucky to find a tshirt that said I LOVE WHEAT GLUTEN. If you ask a hundred people who refuse to eat anything with gluten you would be lucky to find one (not including ones with celiac disease) to tell you what gluten is. Sure they have a variety of health problems if they even read those two words. I was once refused service for trying to buy gluten in bulk in a health food store. They sell it but don’t sell it?? I love wheat gluten (seitan) and I could eat it all day long. People are idiots…they seriously are. BTW I am seriously allergic to nuts (not peanuts they are a legume). I told me doctor to give me something incase something happens. I recieved a few epipens. I continued to eat massive amounts of nuts every day…brazil nuts(which I have to for my thyroid since I refuse to take the medicine. My yearly blood test showed normal thyroid function last week) almonds, walnuts for my health and peanuts and pistachios cuz they are just so good. Im not sure what my allergy test will show but no more throat closing, tongue and gum swelling or itching from those damn nuts. My body seemed to have surrendered.

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