Worthy of Sharing: Trader Joe’s Vegan Beers & Wines

Okay so I usually try not to be this name brand specific but I have a list of wines and beers that Trader Joe’s carries. For those of you not familiar, Trader Joe’s is a chain of grocery stores found in many of the states of the United States. They have good buys on beers and wines and I was rather surprised at how many vegan options they carry.

Why aren’t wines vegan? I found a great explanation for you here.

Why aren’t beers vegan? I found a great explanation for you here.

Keep in mind at Trader Joe’s many of their products are regional so you may not find the all the varieties listed below. Also their selection changes depending on demand or availability.  Some of the wines they carry may only be found at Trader Joe’s but others are sold at many retail establishments.

Oranjeboom Pilsner
Josephsbrau Dunkelweizen
Stockyard Oatmeal Stout
TJ’s Bavarian Hefeweizen
TJ’s Bohemian Lager
TJ’s Hofbrau Bock
TJ’s Josephsbrau Winterfest
TJ’s Vienna Lager
Simpler Times Lager & Pilsner
Red Oval Lager
Black Toad Ale
Fat Weasel Ale
Frugal Joe’s Ordinary Beer
Gila Monster Amber Lager
Jumping Cow Amber Ale
Mission St. IPA
Mission St. Pale Ale
Mission St. Blonde Ale
Mission St. Hefeweizen
Mission St. Brown Ale

Wines (Trader Joe’s may not have all varietals)
Yellowtail (Australia) – reds only
Baron Herzog (California) – whites including White Zin
Bonterra (California) – whites only
Cambria (California) – whites only
Castle Rock (California) – all wines
Charles Shaw (California) – reds only
Cline Cellars (California) – all wines
Fetzer (California) – white only
Green Fin (California) – all wines
Hahn Estates (California) – all wines
Kendall Jackson (California) – whites only
Mumm Napa (California) – Cuvee Brut
Rosenblum (California) – all wines
Sterling (California) – white wines
TJ Coastal (California) – all wines
Well Read (California) – red only
George Dubeouf (France) – all wines
Louis Jadot (France) – Beaujolais Village
Moet & Chandon (France) – Imperial Sparkling
Mouton Cadet (France) – Rouge
Piper Heidseck (France) – Brut Sparkling
Veuve Cliquot (France) – Yellow Brut NV and Rose

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8 Responses to Worthy of Sharing: Trader Joe’s Vegan Beers & Wines

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  2. Thanks for this list! I’m off to buy a bottle for Thanksgiving. 🙂

  3. ManhattanTransfer says:

    Trader Joe’s has the ability (at least at my TJ’s wine shop in NYC) to look up the fining agent, if any, used to process the wine, for pretty much all the wines they are selling. This is almost always the only item to be concerned about in determining if a wine is vegan or not. Go to the customer service desk, ask them if you can see the technical info for the wine. At the bottom of the technical info sheet it discloses the fining agent!

    • Yes, they are pretty helpful. They gave me the list. 🙂

      • ManhattanTransfer says:

        So what I was suggesting is, don’t restrict yourself to the very helpful list posted here. Pick a wine that looks interesting, take it up to the help desk and ask them what the fining agent is. I very rarely run into a wine that uses a non-vegan fining agent.

  4. Dave says:

    Mumm Napa isn’t vegan. I think Barnivore may have had it incorrectly labelled as vegan in the past.

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