Road Tripping, Days 9 and 10: Cody, Wyoming to Salem, Oregon

Wow, this post is a bit late. I decided to combine the two days because they basically felt like the same day. We went without any real sleep until we got home to Salem, Oregon on the afternoon of the tenth day.  When you factor in our drive through Yellowstone National Park it was roughly a thousand mile drive.

Before leaving Cody we finished up the fruit from the night before. It was a perfect snack to start the day.

The first stop on our journey was the Buffalo Bill Dam. What a beautiful view!

We then headed into Yellostone National Park where we saw some cool stuff!We had picked up some bread the night before to eat with our hummus and we also had some pistachios.

After seeing the sights and before heading out we went into the deli where they actually had a vegan burger that wasn’tbad!We spent the night taking turns driving into the morning. We got home, hung out with the animals and crashed. My parents were kind enough to have us over for dinner.

We had a wonderful adventure. We learned that almost anywhere in our country that it’s pretty easy to eat vegan!

Vegans: 9

It’s hard being vegan:1

We are already looking forward to our next road trip!

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1 Response to Road Tripping, Days 9 and 10: Cody, Wyoming to Salem, Oregon

  1. pumpkin061 says:

    Wow some beautiful pictures! Did you happen to grab recipes from any of te places you dined at?

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