Road Tripping, Day 8: Chicago, Illinois to Cody, Wyoming

Westward bound. Technically we left Chicago the night before at ten but it was one continuous long drive. One thousand, two hundred and eighty-four miles to be exact. 

We drove mostly on Interstate 90 and I will admit that eating vegan on the go from the stretch outside Chicago all the way to Cody is on the difficult side. Not impossible, but not a lot of choices. I would highly recommend that if you are traveling on this stretch that you pack food or stay in places/camp where you have kitchen access because grocery stores had options but they all required the ability to prepare them. Luckily, we had some hummus and peanut butter bars to sustain us. Even Starbucks where they always have milk alternatives were few and far between. 

In Rapid City we were able to eat at Pita Pit where I have to say I preferred their sandwiches over Subway. Sorry, no picture. As we were heading into Cody we investigated our options for food. A Whole Foods came out and we knew dinner was easy. When we arrived it wasn’t where the map said and when looking at the map a second time we realized it said Whole Foods Trading Company. We ended up going to Albertsons where they actually had a vegan freezer section but most options required baking and we only had an access to a microwave. 

Our dinner for the night was Gardein sliders and a bowl of fruit. We also found a single pickle in a bag which was a perfect addition for our sliders. Other than the food situation our drive was beautiful!!

A stretch break in Buffalo, Wyoming:

Letti, a friend we met:

A beautiful sunset heading into Cody:

Easy being vegan: 7

It’s hard being vegan (eating on the go): 1

See ya later!

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1 Response to Road Tripping, Day 8: Chicago, Illinois to Cody, Wyoming

  1. Vegan Mama says:

    Beautiful pictures!

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