Vegan MOFO, Day 7: Sprouting and Soaking

My career requires excellent time management which I bring to work with me every day, though I have learned by day seven that I do not bring this skill home with me. Oh, how I wish I could leave other aspects of my job at work and keep this one with me at all times. Well this is my excuse for this non recipe day of MOFO. I promise that if the recipes I have concocted in my head actually come out it will be completely worth it.

This past week I didn’t have much of a weekend but the little time off I did has been spent  soaking nuts and sprouting garbanzo beans. Had I planned better, I would have taken a picture. It was a fleeting thought that I never acted on. I will say the containers of soaking things taking over my moms kitchen were pretty impressive. We also were able to get some great things from them like the Pizza kale Chips, Non-toxic Coleslaw and my favorite, the Raw Stuffed Bell Peppers.

I have been considering sprouting for about a year now with one recipe in mind but have been apprehensive. I am not sure why. Leading up to MOFO I read up on the subject and watched countless videos on MOFO. This is the one that I found most straight forward and made it look so easy that I have no idea why I hadn’t done it sooner.

As for Dad Says It’s Toxic:

Dad has been doing this for a while so for him it has been an added treat to have someone prepare food for him that is not a large salad. He has also decided that my mom’s morning juices can’t be good for you because they taste too good. Not sure what he puts in his, but his reactions when he drinks them give us all something to laugh at.

Mom is struggling a bit. Over the years she has had quite a few health problems, which have led to many different medications. Her body seems to be detoxing at the moment but she is a fighter and is sticking with it. I love the fact that she has a different recipe idea every day. I think she enjoys the fact that we all are eating at least one meal together a day.

My toughest part has been getting home at midnight, physically exhausted, just wanting to munch on something dad would consider toxic. Last night I made homemade salsa and added a can of black beans. No, they aren’t raw but dad will eat canned beans. For the record, salsa goes pretty well with celery stalks. My body has been detoxing a bit too but I feel more energized than anything. Plus my shoulder that usually hurts isn’t in pain.

Now to go prepare for the next seven days. Have a great weekend.


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