Poison Planet

Poison Planet is a Chicago based vegan, straight edge, hardcore punk rock band.  I’m down with two outta three, I can’t say that I understand the straight edge thing but I am glad they’re around………‘cause somebody has to drive….. (rim shot….thank you ladies & germs, I’ll be here all week.).   PxP was smart enough to pick the most beautiful weekend we’ve had this summer to visit the PacNW and play a couple of shows at the New Direction Fest in Olympia.

I know what you’re thinkin’, the DFV’ers are pretty cool but hardcore punk cool?  We’re not…anymore and chances are if you’re reading this you ain’t either. Loud, fast and aggressive enough to annoy most parents but containing a positive vegan drug free message, PxP has everything the growing disgruntled adolescent(s) in your life needs. Even us old folks’ inner adolescent.

Committed to spreading the word about animal rights & a vegan lifestyle with lyrics like:

Animal slaughter on factory farms/Our inhumanity should raise alarms/Blood spilled with no need/Diseased and suffering to feed your greed  – Boycott Everything

PxP leaves no question about where they stand on animal rights. They also sing about social justice, the corrupting effects of corporate capitalism on society and host of other political issues that I am not gonna touch here because DFV is a food blog.

We took a moment to talk with the guys in a dimly lit Olympia doorway about their views on vegan-ism in our society.  Check out the interview here.


PS – In the background you can hear a band called RVIVR playing.  They’re pretty good.

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2 Responses to Poison Planet

  1. Glauce says:

    Just curious but why can’t you understand being straight edge?
    Didn’t know PxP, will check them now and RVIVR are really amazing.

    • Fair question Glause. I don’t want to come across as encouraging people to get intoxicated but I think ‘getting outta our heads’ is a natural human behavior. People (and animals for that matter) have been getting intoxicated on a variety of substances for a variety reasons since the beginning of time.

      Like anything else there is harm in overdoing it with any drug (that includes regular everyday drugs like caffeine too) but done properly (time, place, dosage) I think psychoactive drugs can be therapeutic, performance enhancing and conscience expanding. Look at the differences between Apple/Steve Jobs (used LSD and came up with the iPod) vs Microsoft/Bill Gates (did not and came up with the Zune) or consider the fact that Doc Ellis never pitched a no-hitter sober.

      I only saw the first 15 minutes or so of RVIVR’s set but I really liked it. We’re going to check them out again when we have a chance.

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