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Vegan Motivation: July 30, 2012

Here are a few stories I have found to share (just click on the bold title to go to the article): Arian Foster? I do not follow football or any sports other than my daughters soccer team so until a … Continue reading

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July’s Vegan Food Swap

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Last month I read about a few bloggers doing a food swap. The idea seemed super cool so I had to investigate. I learned that Cat at The Verdant Life was hosting this monthly swap so I signed up to … Continue reading

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Vegans Say What?: What Prompted the Switch?

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Here at Don’t Fear the Vegan we hear so many stories on what lead people to their vegan journey and they always warm are hearts. We also have found over the years that those with stories rather than whims are … Continue reading

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Worthy of Sharing: Animal Rights Around the World – July 25, 2012

Some stuff going on around the globe on the topic of animal rights. Bollywood sticks up for animals. An Israeli reality T.V. show is being accused of cruel conduct of animals. Out of Oregon…animal scramble at rodeos. Persidio club in … Continue reading

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Worthy of Sharing: Carrageenan

Ever wonder about carrageenan on the ingredients list of many vegan foods? Here is a great informational piece from Rachel in Veganland: Why Care About Carrageenan

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Vegan Motivation: Burgers, Baseball, Raising Vegan Kids and More

Burger ShowdownIf you are going to be in Los Angeles on July 30th make sure to check this out! I’m not usually a burger fan but the one they have pictured looks amazing! Baseball The Most Veg Friendly baseball stadiums … Continue reading

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Vegan Motivation: Vegans in Mars, Cow Bonding, and Walmart

Hmmm…this seemed like a fairly simplistic idea when we first came up with it, but here it is, over a month since our last post and it’s only our third. I think I may have been high on excitement over … Continue reading

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Mom’s Pad Thai Noodle Dish

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As a kid my favorite food nights were always Dad’s pizza nights or when my Mom brought out the electric wok. I have a deep love for Asian food of all varieties but is the one type of food I … Continue reading

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Trader Joe’s Masala Burger

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Vegetable Masala Burgers are one of my favorite Trader Joe’s Products. If you don’t have Trader Joe’s where you live here are two other options: homemade or Tandoor Chef. I usually like them without a bun but since I was … Continue reading

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Smokey Pecan, Avocado, Lettuce, and Tomato Wrap

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In this recipe for project clean out the cupboard I cheated. I went to the produce section of the Co-op to buy an avocado and the largest leafy vegetable I could find. The winner was a collard green, a leafy … Continue reading

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