Vegan Motivation: Vegans in Mars, Cow Bonding, and Walmart

Hmmm…this seemed like a fairly simplistic idea when we first came up with it, but here it is, over a month since our last post and it’s only our third. I think I may have been high on excitement over the idea initially, not factoring in that I work fifty plus frickin’ hours a week and also need time to be a wife, and mom and oh yeah…sleep!

Hubby and I were talking on our mini getaway this weekend and I remember this great idea and got myself fired up about it again. Though sorry, I don’t think I am capable of motivating every day so i am going to shoot for weekly. If I squeeze in more, Hot Damn!! Some of the following may be old news to you but they are new too me and I wanted to share.

Vegans in Mars
So my friend Monica is a vegan, food scientist who works for NASA. She is currently working to help create a plant-based menu for Mars. This story touches the nerdy science and foodie side of me. Read more here!

Cow Bonding
Last month I posted this video on Facebook:

I was asked in the comments, “Mom and baby recognized each other. How long does this recognition last?” I didn’t know so I did some research and found this very interesting article. Read here.

How better to get motivated about being vegan than participating in some activism even if only on the internet. Tell Walmart what you think of their cruelty towards pigs. Sign here.

Vida Vegan Con
What’s more motivating than hanging out with a bunch of vegans for a weekend in Portland? I am so excited to have the opportunity to go in 2013. Find out more here.

What helps motivate you?

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