Vegan Motivation: Burgers, Baseball, Raising Vegan Kids and More

Burger ShowdownIf you are going to be in Los Angeles on July 30th make sure to check this out! I’m not usually a burger fan but the one they have pictured looks amazing!

The Most Veg Friendly baseball stadiums are listed here. I still need to get to Safeco for a Field Roast dog!!

Raising A Vegan Family
I love the fact that the OB-GYN gets quoted saying that he would never recommend that a pregnant woman give up her vegan lifestyle. Read more about a mom and her vegan kids in St. Louis here.

Vegan Activism
An interesting approach…saying someone famous is vegan who isn’t to get people’s attention. See what activist in St. Louis are doing here.

And my favorite:

Pig Farmer Turns to Animal Rights
If more farmers looked their animals in the eyes they might stop what they are doing too! Read this happy story here.

What’s motivating you today?

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