Vegan Fast Food

Flower Veggie plate

In my perfect dream world I would be able to make a living from home, grow all my own food, make all my meals from scratch and still have plenty of time to home school and have quality time with my family. This however is far from my reality.

Please don’t take this as a complaint. It really isn’t. I have chosen my career, which keeps me away from my house fifty plus hours a week. With the little free time left after that I have made choices that work best for my family and in doing so I also have to cut corners occasionally. One of those is the fact that we often go the fast food route.

You now have an image of my family going through a drive through at taco hell and eating  bean burritos every night or going to sub places with bread laced with azodicarbonamide. Well you can erase that image. I am not saying we have never eaten at those places, I am just saying it is not the norm, in fact it is limited to very long road trips through small town America where there have been absolutely no other options.

I find that being vegan makes it extremely easy to eat fast food. Realistically, most things on a vegan diet do not need to be cooked so finding a grocery store or any produce stand is great fast food. Plus, most grocery stores these days carry pre-made hummus, which 99% of the time is vegan. Salsa with beans added and tortilla chips also make great fast food. Many grocery stores offer salad bars or pre-made salads with at least one vegan option. I will admit however that we try to eat as organic as possible and this can make fast food a little more difficult, especially if you need your food to be cost-effective.

Our little vegans favorite is Fast Food Friday’s where we do game night and eat fast food which is basically a selection of vegan salads from our local co-op’s deli, hummus and a raw veggie plate.

Now for your input. I feel list like these list are important for new vegans trying to figure it all out.  Especially the idea that you can eat healthy when in a hurry. It also gives us older vegans new ideas. What is your favorite vegan fast food?  If you have a recipe to share, don’t hesitate to share the link!


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4 Responses to Vegan Fast Food

  1. ash says:

    people seem to either love or hate taco bell, but i’ve always loved them! they’re dependable, easy to find in unfamiliar areas, open late, cheap, and the cost per calorie ratio is good. i think the food is very tasty! love my fresco bean burritos!

  2. The Vegan Green says:

    My favourite has to be homemade guacamole! Shop-bought usually has dairy in it unfortunately so not vegan

  3. The Vegan Green says:

    Like the idea of adding nutritional yeast to your pesto 🙂

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