It’s National Dairy Month!


The following is a Public Service Announcement from Felipe to commemorate this year’s celebration of National Dairy Month.

This June the National Dairy Association celebrates their 78th (79th in 2015) annual month-long festival of disinformation for fun and profit known as National Dairy Month.

National Dairy Month began as National Milk Month. Milk producers started this phony as a Hallmark holiday ‘celebration’ in 1936 as a way of creating demand for their surplus product. A product that the free market had clearly decided it had enough of. Eventually the National Dairy Association stepped in expanding ‘festivities’ to be an “annual tradition that celebrates the contributions the dairy industry has made to the world” (their words), complete with cheese, milk and ice cream themed community events clogging the arteries of communities nationwide.

What contributions they’re celebrating aren’t clear. The NDM doesn’t seem to be ‘celebrating’ how its members have to repeatedly molest dairy cows to keep them in a constant cycle of pregnancy and lactation or how males calves are taken from their mothers to be condemned to short unpleasant lives in veal crates, while females are doomed to the same bleak cycle as their mothers. Maybe it’s a celebration of how they’ve conned the American public into believing dairy is essential to a healthy diet.

How much of a con job is it?

Let’s examine the central premise that humans and humans alone of all the animals on Earth NEED the milk intended for the offspring of an entirely different species in order to develop and maintain a healthy skeletal mass. The true insanity of this line of reasoning really comes through when broken-down like that doesn’t it? What would happen if the cows were to rise up and the dairy floors were to run red with the blood of their NDA oppressors and milk was no longer available for human consumption? Would humanity de-evolve into shapeless blobs of goo a’la Wall-E?

Yet that is the industry’s and your mom’s entire argument for why you need to drink your milk. Does this sound remotely logical from an evolutionary or intelligent design perspective? Did cave-people milk saber-toothed cows? Hell no! Even a Pastafarian can see the design flaws in this model.

If swilling milk and nibbling cheese is vital to building and maintaining bone density, why is it that populations with highest dairy consumption also have the highest rates of osteoporosis? Why do populations with the lowest rates of dairy consumption also have the lowest rates bone loss? Given the rate at which Americans consume dairy products one could ‘logically’ assume we have a corresponding low incidence of osteoporosis but we don’t. Not even close.   That’s a pretty consistent observation in countries with high dairy intake.

For whatever reason, a large segment of our society refuses to acknowledge this connection, preferring to believe that this is the natural course of aging that is best alleviated by downing the pills the Flying Nun shills on TV. Why change behaviors that are negatively affecting your health when you can take a pill?
What can you do?

Don’t participate in this nonsense and prevent others from doing so. The only real vote we have in these matters is deciding how we spend our money and on that front we’re doing a pretty good job. The NDA’s own figures show per capita consumption of milk and cheese consistently declining, which has to be hurting their bottom line.

While the reasons for this are surely many and complex, the increasing numbers of American’s adopting a vegan diet for health reasons must be playing a role. Share your knowledge with and flaunt your own fabulous health in front your friends and family. Cite the science and eventually you’ll win some of them over.

For those living in ‘Red States’, you can always play the “Pork’ card. The inconvenient truth is those commie socialist bastards at the NDA are pigging out at the public trough. According to The Cato Institute, hardly a bunch vegan cow huggers, that the dairy industry receives approximately $4 billion, billion with a B kids, in taxpayer subsidies yearly. Not only that, a portion of those subsidies are used to prop up prices, meaning tax dollars are used to INCREASE consumer costs for private profit.

That’s f’ed up……..even in Texas.


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