I F’ing Love Science

20140704-124653-46013721.jpgI really do love science. My childhood was surrounded by having a dad that measured atoms for a living. Family Circle and Popular Science sat next to each other on the coffee table throughout my life. My daughter is now also in love with science and plans on working in some sort of science based career when she grows up.

With that said, I have been following the Facebook page I Fucking Love Science for quite awhile and enjoy the information it shares. Well, that is until today.

The information about plants feeling vibrations is interesting but why the heck was the statement, “Sorry Vegans!” necessary? The comments quickly became an open forum of vegan bashing, mixed with disappointed vegans defending what we stand for.

It really bothers me.

Am I overreacting?

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5 Responses to I F’ing Love Science

  1. pumpkin061 says:

    Don’t allow anyone to live in your head rent free. Those people that said that are ignorant moronic baffoons, and they say stuff like that in hopes of yanking a nerve on others, and it worked, because you are blogging about it.

  2. Tim says:

    I enjoyed following that page, but after finding out about this, I won’t be following them any longer!

  3. Mary says:

    Not over reacting. I felt the same way. IFLS vegan-bashes, and it’s a real shame.

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