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Chai Iced Coffee and the Death of a Kickstarter

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Well the DFV Kickstarter project has approximately 24 hrs to go as I write this and it has been an unmitigated disaster. We’re talking about choking so hard that if our project had been named after a South Park character, … Continue reading

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A.N.D. Cafe – Portland, OR

While preparing for the Kickstarter campaign (hint hint) Mom Vegan and I convinced the grand parental units to take little vegan off our hands for a week.  This meant few road trips down to beautiful Oregon for drop off and … Continue reading

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We Want Your Input!

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We love the suggestions & tips you folks leave in the comments section and now we want to ask for your input on something   We have a piece of art for our next umm……..shall we say promotional endeavor, which we … Continue reading

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Cheesy Pasta Bake

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The Missus’ place of employment has transferred her to a new location and changed around her work schedule so you’re stuck with another one of my lame ‘recipes’ while she regroups and adjusts.  Woo woo, twice in a week, what … Continue reading

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Oriental Sweet Potato Fries

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Hi kids, Felipe here making a rare fill in appearance for the vegan master chef here at DFV.  I had an epic haus frau fail in the supply department, we’ve ran out of cashew cream and cashews.  This has thwarted … Continue reading

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Cooking & The Lost Art of the Mix Tape

Shortly after moving to the lovely Pacific NW I discovered a treasure trove of music available at the socialistic state enterprise known as the King County Public Library.  They have all sorts of stuff there and its all free (as … Continue reading

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Nothing Says Valentines Like…………..

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Valentines Day is right around the corner and I’m dedicating this post to all the fella’s out there needing help with their Valentines plans. With the Missus being the one bringing home the vegan bacon, its up to me to … Continue reading

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