Worthy Of Sharing: Organic or Not

So I don’t preach about it much on the blog but my family tries to eat as much organically grown food as possibly and unless we are eating out we do not eat foods with GMO’s. I do not specify organic on my recipes though I have been advised lately that I should let people know that when my recipes call for sugar that I always use organic not granulated white sugar. I promise that as soon as the holidays are over I will begin to revise the recipes.

This past summer we did not eat one ear of fresh corn because all we could find was conventionally grown. Honestly, if I could have been certain that it wasn’t GMO I probably would have broken down and purchased it but I had no way of really knowing or so I thought. But now with this handy little article I will know how to tell in the future. You will now know also buy reading the part under “Minimizing Exposure.” Thanks to my mom and dad for passing it on.

things you should buy organic

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3 Responses to Worthy Of Sharing: Organic or Not

  1. Julie says:

    For some reason, the link won’t open for me…..anyone else having problems with it?

  2. Julie says:

    It wouldn’t work via the email notification I got from the blog but it does work on the blog directly. So, nevermind šŸ™‚

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