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Roasted Potatoes Cajun Style

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Until making the Cajun loaf I had never made anything I would consider Cajun before. The original loaf recipe sounded interesting and I wanted to continue with the theme so I did a search for Cajun Style potato recipes. More … Continue reading

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Cajun Pecan Tofu Loaf

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This is another version of a recipe from “The Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen” cookbook. After making all those cakes and being around so much sweet I needed something savory. This loaf is a bit on the spicy side, which we … Continue reading

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A Few Words Of Thanks & A Big Hug!

My family is sitting here this evening a little overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity we experienced today. Thanks for all the support and words of encouragement. Thanks to Wayward for sticking up for the Girl Scouts motives with your … Continue reading

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Samoa Cookie Cake

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I am not one of those people who play around with recipes to see how they work first, I just jump in and either sink or swim. This cake was no different. As you may know, I created this cake … Continue reading

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Worthy Of Sharing: Being a Vegan Girl Scout at Cookie Time

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Growing up, I was a Girl Scout from elementary through high school. As a shy kid, especially in large settings, it saved me from being a super depressed kid. I had a community of friends that were taught to be … Continue reading

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Curried Tempeh Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie

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Hmm…Still not sure about that title but I am going to roll with it. Sometimes recipes have so many interesting thing in the ingredients list that you want to share right from the get go that it is hard to … Continue reading

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Worthy Of Sharing: Flax Eggs

So one of the wonderful things about doing things like the Circle of Moms, aside from your friends sharing tons of love with you, is the exposure to other people doing a very similar thing as you but with their … Continue reading

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I LOVE My Circle Of Friends

Since the beginning of 2012 I have been in the worst emotional funk of my life and let me tell you I have experienced some doozies! The combination of turning 40 (which until it happened I was looking forward to), … Continue reading

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Vegans Say What: Raising School Aged Vegans

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Until recently, I never realized how lucky my family has it and why it has been relatively easy to raise a vegan child. My family is a little unique and not just because we are vegan. I am a working … Continue reading

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Yogurt Kale Dip

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For the last week, all of my non vegan friends have been raving about this new yogurt kale dip that Trader Joe’s just started carrying, even those that don’t like kale. The dip had me intrigued. I read the ingredients, … Continue reading

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