I LOVE My Circle Of Friends

Since the beginning of 2012 I have been in the worst emotional funk of my life and let me tell you I have experienced some doozies! The combination of turning 40 (which until it happened I was looking forward to), a loss of passion for a career that I have enjoyed for 10 years, self-doubt and anxiety over starting our own business and the nagging in the back of my  head about the two books that are half-finished in my hard drive, put me over the edge. Thanks goodness for an understanding husband, a daughter who forces me to keep moving and family and friends that are simply pretty cool!

Last week I was told a story about an incident that happened to a friend of mine. At his place of employment a customer told him that she had been having a conversation with one of his employees about a blog she loved and that when she got home she would call him with the name, if he didn’t mind passing on the information. Guess what the blogs name was? Yep, Don’t Fear The Vegan! This little story made my day, or shall I say year.

The next day I found out about the Top 25 Vegan and Vegetarian Mom’s Blog Contest, where we started ranked 63 and the majority of the contestants had at least a few days on me but I didn’t care. I honestly figured if a few new people saw my blog it would be completely worth it. I begged for votes on the Facebook page and the blog. Overnight we went from 63 to 39. At that point I realized with the awesome support of my friends there was actually a chance to make it to 25 so why not try.

Then I bugged everyone a little more and also asked for people to vote for A Gluten Free Mom Who Knows. The author of the blog Priscilla was in 1st place the entire time I was in the contest until last night when Dreena at Eat, Drink and Be Vegan figured out she couldn’t place first and decided to ask her Facebook crowd to vote for Susan at Fat Free Vegan. Oh the drama! Priscilla finished 2nd and she should be very proud especially with who her competition was!

As for Don’t Fear The Vegan…15th place!!!! Thanks to everyone that showed their support and voted.  I am still not sure exactly what it means to be in the top 25 but I do know that there has been quite a bit of extra traffic on the blog, we have made over 35 new friends on facebook and 5 new blog followers. I am fortunate to have such support and I love you all! For now on, knowing the kind of friends I have, I shall fear nothing!!!

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2 Responses to I LOVE My Circle Of Friends

  1. Ashley says:

    Hey-sorry I checked this too late and cannot vote in the contest-but you always have my vote-You’re my favorite vegan mom if that counts for anything!! I love you and check your mail in a couple of days- I’ll pull you out of your funk if you pull me out of mine!!! Love you Ashley

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