Worthy Of Sharing: Flax Eggs

So one of the wonderful things about doing things like the Circle of Moms, aside from your friends sharing tons of love with you, is the exposure to other people doing a very similar thing as you but with their own personal spin.  Today is my day off and after spending quality time with the little vegan she decided she was ready to watch the Myth Busters and since daddy was out shopping I had the opportunity to read some of the other blogs that were in the contest.

In my reading I discovered a blog called the Bonzai Aphrodite (who has sadly called it quits) and her directions for making flax eggs for baking. I don’t know about you but I never read about refrigerating them nor have mine every looked that thick! I am so excited to try this technique!

How To Make A “Flax Egg” For Vegan Baking – The RIGHT Way

On a side note – I wish Sayward the best of luck on finding Happy!

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