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Road Tripping, Day 4: Boulder, Colorado to Omaha, Nebraska

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Okay, I will admit, today the first part of our trip was tricky to wing as far as food goes. Granted, had we planned ahead we could have easily stopped at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods the evening before and … Continue reading

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Road Tripping, Day 3: Vernal, Utah to Boulder Colorado

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If this is your first time checking in make sure to check out our adventure from the beginning. Today’s trek was three hundred and forty miles. We left vernal a bit before seven in the morning allowing us to catch … Continue reading

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Road Tripping, Day 2: A No Drive Day

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The plan for today was to hang out with my uncle and aunt’s in Vernal, Utah and we did just that!  My aunt had asked months ago about food for us and we told her not to worry because we … Continue reading

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Road Tripping, Day 1: Salem, Oregon to Vernal, Utah

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We are all tucked in safe after a long day of driving nine hundred and eight-four miles from our home in Salem, OR to my Uncle and Aunt’s in Vernal, Utah. I can proudly say we did not starve. Quite … Continue reading

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A Road Trip Vegan Style

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An hour from now the DeRobertis family will set off on a journey by car. Final destination: Chicago.  Unlike most trips we have opted to not pack the suitcase of vegan food essentials and be truly adventurous or possibly just … Continue reading

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Farm Spirit: A Culinary Adventure For All Your Senses

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Over the past year, Instagram has allowed me to ogle over food porn posted by many vegans I follow who have had the good fortune to experience Farm Spirit ( restaurant in Portland, Oregon. Well last night my husband and I … Continue reading

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Thanks To Our Friends

Five and a half years ago we started this little blog, mostly so we could keep better track of our recipes and they would be readily available to share. Over the years the blog turned into so much more. We … Continue reading

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Crazy Realistic Rice Paper Bacon 

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Those of you who have been around for awhile might remember that years ago we attempted to start a seitan company featuring our vegan bacon. The reason I am telling you this is to let you know we have the … Continue reading

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TVP Bacon Bits and Chick Pea Eggless Salad

  TVP is texturized vegetable protein also known as texturized soy protein. It is great to use as a ground beef substitute which is how I have had it in the past. I decided to play around with TVP this week … Continue reading

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What Goodies Would You Buy At A Vegan Grocery Store?

We never realized how spoiled we were living in Seattle having so many vegan establishments until we moved to a place where we get excited if a restaurant has a vegan option. Even more so, we miss Vegan Haven, the … Continue reading

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