Road Tripping, Day 1: Salem, Oregon to Vernal, Utah

We are all tucked in safe after a long day of driving nine hundred and eight-four miles from our home in Salem, OR to my Uncle and Aunt’s in Vernal, Utah. I can proudly say we did not starve. Quite the opposite actually!

Most of the day was spent behind the wheel listening to music. Music I have to admit is one of my favorite parts about road tripping, especially due to the fact when you hear some of the songs later they will trigger fond memories of that long ago journey. Today’s soundtrack included Social Distortion, Bad Religion, Rocky Horror Picture Show, an 80’s mix, and some Crosby, Stills, and Nash.

We hit the road at 1:30 AM. I was first up driving and am the only one who got to witness this amazing sunrise.We then stopped in Boise, Idaho and had the opportunity to eat at their only completely vegan spot, Leaf Teahouse. One hundred percent worth the stop. Food was great, staff was friendly, and it forced us to check out downtown Boise. Phillip and I both had the Mushroom Medley sandwich. I got mine with the onion soup. So good! Anzia chose the tofu salad sandwich and a miso soup. Both of those were great too. We all had different versions of a green tea frappe which were delicious! This is a must see spot in Idaho!Next up was Salt Lake City, Utah. Who knew that Salt Lake would have so many vegan choices? We ended up for a quick stop at the Vertical Diner, another complete vegan spot. Everything was tasty there but I  especially liked Anzia’s tofu quesadilla! Our server Naomi was extremely sweet and made the experience even better!!! It is in an odd part of town.We ended the day with an opportunity to see an awesome sunset over Strawberry Reservoir in Herber City, Ut. Perfect way to close out the day!Vegans –  1 win

It’s Hard Being Vegan- 0 wins

Until tomorrow…

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2 Responses to Road Tripping, Day 1: Salem, Oregon to Vernal, Utah

  1. pumpkin061 says:

    Wow what gorgeous pictures including the food! I hope the rest of your journey is this beautiful & delicious!

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