Thanks To Our Friends

Five and a half years ago we started this little blog, mostly so we could keep better track of our recipes and they would be readily available to share. Over the years the blog turned into so much more. We have met so many wonderful, compassionate people. We learned that if we took the time and used a real camera decent pictures were possible though time is usually an issue so we revert to our phone.
We have tried and failed at a kick starter. Anzia and her Girl Scout troop got the ball rolling for vegan cookies in the regions that didn’t carry them. We have helped a lot of people in their vegan journey. We have hosted food swaps with kids across the country so vegan kids could meet others with the same beliefs. We have pissed people off. We did the twelve days of Christmas multiple years where amazing companies donated great gifts for us to give away. We have participated in multiple VeganMoFo’s. We even did a television show!
Lately life has pulled us away from the blog but we always find our way back. We haven’t been motivated by money, though we have been given some pretty cool gifts along the way. For us it really is about sharing the vegan lifestyle and making it as easy as possible for whoever wants to participate. We are just a normal family, making a normal living, sharing what we are passionate about.
Our Don’t Fear the Vegan Facebook page is closing in on 10,000 likes and we want to say thank you for joining us on this awesome ride! We appreciate everyone who has helped us get this far! We look forward to the years to come!
Phillip, Steffi, and Anzia xoxo

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