Road Tripping, Day 3: Vernal, Utah to Boulder Colorado

If this is your first time checking in make sure to check out our adventure from the beginning. Today’s trek was three hundred and forty miles. We left vernal a bit before seven in the morning allowing us to catch another beautiful sunrise.The majority of our six hour drive was the most beautiful scenery we have seen so far on the trip. Unfortunately I was driving and forgot to tell Phillip to take pictures. Anzia did get one of the Continental Divide.

We stopped to eat the first time in a place called Avon, Colorado at a juice bar called Green Elephant Juicery. I got a carrot cake smoothie with hemp protein that was delicious. Anzia got a PB&J and Phillip got a mango/pineapple flavor. They enjoyed theirs too. We also got an awesome cheesecake because when you are on vacation you are allowed to eat cake for breakfast! They had a refrigerator full of all vegan ready made sandwiches and salads. This is a must check out place if you are in the area!The main purpose for being in Boulder was to visit some dear friends, Richard and Ciela. We got in town early enough to stop by Richard’s work, Japango, and eat some veggie sushi. I especially liked the roll that had sautéed spinach on top! We were out and about when this awesome sunset happened. Or I guess it is more like the sun hiding behind the hills!Before heading back to the house we had one last snack at Native Foods, buffalo chicken and nachos. They always make us happy! The main purpose of our journey to Boulder was to give our friends their wedding gift. We had an artist, Aaron Wagner, owner of Wagzware, recreate the Kiana lodge where Richard and Ciela got married. It was a hit! ​​

​​Day three was another complete success for both food and fun!

Vegans: 3

It’s hard being vegan: 0

Until tomorrow…

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2 Responses to Road Tripping, Day 3: Vernal, Utah to Boulder Colorado

  1. pumpkin061 says:

    Wow well more amazing pictures of scenery and food! Everything looks as delicious as you described

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