I Haven’t Given Up on Don’t Fear the Vegan

Last week a girlfriend, who also happens to be a follower of my blog asked if everything was okay, being as nothing new had been posted.  Time, as we all know, has a way of slipping by and if we don’t make plans, and set goals, we will have nothing to show for it.  Geez. Even when we put all the right steps in motion, if we aren’t self motivated enough, all the preparations may be for naught.

I decided that if I put a plan in motion and put it in writing, maybe I will discover where I left my motivation.

Plans for 2014:

1.  Teaching vegan cooking classes. Beginning at the end of the month I will be teaching a series vegan cooking classes to a group of friends that are interested in transitioning to a vegan lifestyle.  I am not charging for the classes, but am using it as an opportunity to perfect the classes in hopes of teaching them on  larger scale locally.

2.  Complete my cookbook.  This was a project that I started last year, but has taken several twist and turns.  I have finally figured out my vision and am happy with the direction it has taken.

3.  My daughter’s Etsy page. She has decided that she wants to start an Etsy craft page for the holidays, so that she can donate the money to an animal rights organization. Our plan is to make a craft a week until November so she has enough to sell. I will definitely keep everyone posted.

4.  Post at least once a week on Don’t Fear the Vegan, even if it is just to stop by and say hi and check in. I really adore the community we have created here!

What are your goals or plans for 2014?  Please let us know if you need help promoting what you are working on.

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1 Response to I Haven’t Given Up on Don’t Fear the Vegan

  1. Laura says:

    Some great goals – and sometimes it’s nice to take a break from the blogworld!

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