Worthy of Sharing: 5 Stages of Veganism & Vegan Score

Vegan MOFO: Day 22
An Ode to Vegan Bloggers

Those of us vegans in Seattle are so lucky because we have Anika and Vegan Score. She does not write recipes but instead she writes about all the great vegan places to eat in the surrounding Seattle area. She also keeps all of us loyal followers up to speed on the vegan events (like bake sales and fundraisers) that are coming up. I have said before how much I love Vegan Score and that every city she be fortunate enough to have their own Anika!

While on this subject I would like to share her most recent point that breaks down the 5 Stages of veganism.  Read it here. I was stuck in Stage 1 for years. Don’t think I ever did Stage 2, maybe because I started out for health. When I started Don’t Fear the Vegan I was definitely at Stage 3. About a year into writing the blog I had moved into Stage 4. After finally sitting down to watch Earthlings 6 months ago I moved into Stage 5 and I don’t think there is any leaving. What has your journey been like and where are you currently at?

Anika thanks for your dedication to Vegan Score, the animals and us vegans in the Seattle area! We love you!!!

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2 Responses to Worthy of Sharing: 5 Stages of Veganism & Vegan Score

  1. I became vegan more than a year ago. I have never held back. I am proud to be vegan and will let people know. At first, I told my parents and family everything I knew about veganism in hopes that they would change. However, I think they got annoyed with how much I talked about it so I stopped talking to them about food and veganism. However, if someone offers me something that isn’t vegan I will tell them that I am vegan. I usually don’t start talking about it unless they ask. I hope to do protests at circuses and to be more vocal in what I belive.

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