Crowd Funding Campaign of the Week

I have written many times on this blog about how important community is to me along with how amazing I think the internet is because it allows us to have a world-wide community. It is just my thoughts, but I think there isn’t much more satisfying than helping out others in my community. This is why I am in love with Kickstarter and more recently Indiegogo.

In our day and age where high interest rates make it difficult for the small business owner to get started, crowd funding sites are a great option especially if you have a good community following. In case you are unfamiliar with how it works, people looking for funding run campaigns asking for help. In return the contributors are offered gifts for their pledges. On Indiegogo there is the possibility of the campaign getting funded even if they don’t reach the entire amount, on Kickstarter you need to get 100% funding.

Many of you know that we tried our own Kickstarter earlier this year that failed miserably. People still tell us months later that, “I would have contributed but I only had $5.” But see that is just it, you don’t have to contribute a lot in order for it to help. Just a little more than a coffee at your local coffee shop can help.

Because I believe in this so much I have decided to start highlighting a project a week that I am helping fund. If you had a few bucks to spare it would be awesome. Imagine what we could do every week if we all contributed a couple bucks. If you know of a campaign that you would like to spread the word about let me know.

My Kickstarter choice of the week is a restaurant A.N.D cafe in Portland, Oregon that we love. It is not 100% vegan but has one of the best vegan breakfast I have ever had. They need more space!  Follow the link below and check out their super cute video:

Off the Griddle & A.N.D Cafe

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