Worthy of Sharing: Interested in Raw?

A few months ago I shared with you that I was going to do a  Raw Jump-start which I did and loved!

Over the years I have read numerous raw cookbooks and though I was intrigued the idea always seemed a bit overwhelming. Soaking, sprouting and dehydrating…I’m a live by the seat of my pants kinda girl and the idea of having to plan a day or two ahead seemed impossible. It also made cooking or uncooking should I say become work rather than fun. Preparing food is my passion and turning that into a chore seemed horrible.

Well if you have felt the same but want to learn more I recommend this Jump-start class. The instructor Eva is amazing! No matter how stupid I felt my questions were she answered them immediately and in the sweetest fashion.

Reasons I loved the class: I was motivated by the recipes she sent to create my own, though for the classes you have the option of making the recipes given. I didn’t lose focus because I knew it was an assignment that I had committed to, though a few times I ran late due to conflicting work schedules and it was okay. The idea that there was a group of people doing it was a great support system. Plus I felt great!

On a side note: I have been allergic to avocados for years but one of the dishes I made later in the program was calling for them so I decided to add a little bit and I didn’t get sick. I kept eating them for the remainder of the jump-start with no complications. Two weeks after adding cooked food back into me diet they made me ill. The chemical reactions food can have are crazy.

Am I completely raw now? No. Hubby does most of the food preparation and wasn’t around for the entire jump-start to see how easy it is. I’m trying to talk him into a physical class where he can learn visually. However the “tuna” I created during the class is still a staple. We have incorporated a lot of raw meals into our diet and plan on adding more. When I began the class I had no intentions of going Raw but wanted to learn more. Now I can actually see myself going down that path.

One more thing: I have not been asked to share this information. The people at Uncooking 101 don’t even know. Nor am I asking/receiving anything in return. The class I took was awesome. Rita was awesome. Plus this jump-start offers even more awesome stuff than the class I took.  If you are interested in raw I highly recommend it!

The Ultimate Raw Food Jump-start

Here are some recipes the class inspired me to make:

Raw Asada Taco

Raw Asada Taco

Brazil Nut Tuna

Brazil Nut Tuna

Raw Reuben Unsandwich

Raw Reuben Unsandwich

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