Vegans Say What? Converting a Non Vegan

So we have all been in that situation where you have a vegetarian friend that is toying with the idea of going all the way to the vegan side but they don’t think they can give up cheese or  eggs. You try to explain that it wasn’t hard for you, that there are alternatives or that they will learn to live without it once they kick their addiction to casein. Despite your very convincing, passionate debate they aren’t convinced. This is where plan two starts to unfold and you decide to try selling the wonderful vegan options to their pallets and invite them over for a meal.  What do you make so they can taste how wonderful vegan can be? Better yet, what do you make for that carnivore family member that would rather starve than eat that “hippy vegan crap?”

As we get closer to the holidays and gatherings of people it would be wonderful to have some ideas for others to turn to.  At our house we like to make our seiten. If I have carnivores over I often do taco night with a mushroom option and a seiten option. Carnivores are usually hesitant with meat substitutes but oddly enough it’s always the mushrooms that are left over. I always finish the meal with a cake because I know my cakes are better than most non-vegan cakes and everyone seems to love my carrot cake.

By the way don’t forget these two important things:
1. Today is Hug A Vegetarian Day, so make sure you get some hugs in!
2. Vegan MOFO starts tomorrow!

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1 Response to Vegans Say What? Converting a Non Vegan

  1. hmmm.. i have just started sending out some cookies to friends:) lets see if that converts them a bit.. next is all the meaty indian curries! our celebration month is October because of the indian festivals and i am already working on distributing some vegan indian sweets this year.. they are usually very dairy, butter and cream centric.
    hugs back at you! 🙂 and happy veganmofo!

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