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Vegan MOFO: O is for Okra

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Vegan MOFO, day 20. I am quite surprised that I have made it this far. Sticking to a plan is not one of my strong points. I will miss it when it’s over. If you haven’t already, check out which … Continue reading

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Vegan MOFO & The Liebster Award

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One of the things I have enjoyed the most about Vegan MOFO is the sense of community and support from fellow bloggers in the vegan world. I was very flattered when Kale and Cookies chose Don’t Fear The Vegan for … Continue reading

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Vegan MOFO: N is for Nutritional Yeast

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When I searched nutritional yeast on my blog and came up with over 40 recipes I figured it was safe to say that I love nutritional yeast, though that wasn’t always the case.  At one time I felt that everything … Continue reading

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Vegan MOFO: M is for Mac & CHEEEEESE

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Day 18. This month is flying and has been so much fun. I am excited to finally have a free weekend coming up to so I can sit back, relax and check out all the blogs involved in MOFO. I … Continue reading

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Worthy of Sharing: Food Coloring

Interesting page about food coloring, why it’s not vegan and how to make your own natural colors. Warning: What You Don’t Know About Food Colorings @ Your Daily Vegan

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Vegan MOFO: L is for Loaf

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Probably four years ago or so I was really craving my mom’s meatloaf sandwiches or at least the idea of them…the loaf, mayo, ketchup and dill pickle. I figured making a vegan loaf would be pretty easy but I wasn’t … Continue reading

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Vegan MOFO: K is for Kelp

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Day 16 of Vegan MOFO! My love for kelp (click on link for nutritional information) came about when my mom made Fishy Taco’s. Finally a way to fill the void for that seafood flavor I had once loved. Since then … Continue reading

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