Vegan MOFO: Friday’s Post

Pumpkin Graham Crackers


Vegan MoFO Day 28. Today marks our last guest post at Vegan Mainstream. Check it out, the recipe is for Pumpkin Graham Crackers. They were really good dunked into Soy Nog Chai!


In case you weren’t around to catch our post for the week we are going to do a little recap of all the fun stuff we had going on.



Quinoa Sweet Potato Shepard's Pie

On Saturday we had two recipes. One for Iron Chef:Coconut White Chocolate Pumpkin Truffles. The second was Q for Quinoa where she shared a recipe for. Quinoa Sweet Potato Shepard’s Pie. Unusual as it sounds it was delicious.

Sunday we had our most popular post ever: S is for Sensual. Our readers must like food and sex which is awesome!

Twiced Baked Sweet Potato

Monday was T for Twice Baked and I talk about my love of twice baked potatoes, which includes sweet potatoes and a recipe for my favorite way to make them.

Tuesday was U is for Unexpected where we announced our contest for a Don’t Fear The Vegan apron. Have you entered yet?

Wednesday hubby did a guest post and of course it was V for Vegan.

Pasta With Wild Mushroom and Tofu Bacon

Thursday we shared a great recipe for pasta with our subject W is for Wild.

Make sure to come back for the last three days of MOFO to see what’s up for X,Y, and Z.


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1 Response to Vegan MOFO: Friday’s Post

  1. Johanna GGG says:

    those graham crackers look lovely – love your A-Z

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