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Pepita Crusted Lime Gardein with Fettuccine and Pepper-Vinegar Sauce

I read at a minimum of two cookbooks a week and when I try to go to sleep my mind is busy putting together recipe ideas.  Sometimes the ideas are complete failures either due to taste or the inability to … Continue reading

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Corn Dogs

After contemplating for a couple weeks what recipe to do for Meatout, toying with eclectic recipes I started thinking… the toughest part of this blog has been getting my 7 year old to eat the recipes I’ve created. Even prior … Continue reading

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Corned Stuffed Cabbage

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So many St. Paddy’s recipes are centered around animal products. If you like cabbage and the seasoning used in corned dishes, this is a good option.  This will take a couple hours to make but the smell in the house … Continue reading

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Vegetable Ceviche

Years ago, Debbie a friend of mine made a dish similar to this and even though I am allergic to avocados I had to try it and fell in love with it.  Over time the recipe has changed and I … Continue reading

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White Chocolate Rugelach

  We love the public library. On our weekly trips our bag is always the same…Felipe and his music or books on political stuff, Anzia’s pile of kids books and my cookbooks.  On a recent trip that I didn’t go … Continue reading

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cashew cream

1 lb of raw cashews. I soaked cashews in cold water over night in the fridge.  My mom soaks hers in warm (not hot) water for 15-30 minutes.  I also read some recipes where they didn’t soak at all.  Rinse … Continue reading

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Mom’s French Toast

Oh how something so simple can make me so happy!  Simple that is until you go vegan.  I have found a great French Toast at a local restaurant called the Wayward Vegan Cafe, but it has been one of those … Continue reading

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Carrot Cake

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Heaven to Felipe is carrot cake with an ice cold Ginger Beer. An acceptable carrot cake was one of those things he was in search of after we started eating a vegan diet.  He found a few that he could … Continue reading

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