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Smokey Cheesy Sauce

Up until about a week ago I had never tried a rhubarb. My husband grew up in the Midwest where he said they grew like weeds and as a kid they would pick them, dip in sugar and eat.  They … Continue reading

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No Need For Guilt-Cream of Mushroom Soup

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It’s amazing how quickly you can get involved in other aspects of life and an entire week slips by without even realizing it.  This past week has definitely been one of those! At the beginning of last week, the Little … Continue reading

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Strawberry Creamed Jel

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Ever have one of those days where you wanted to cook, didn’t have a whole lot to work with and couldn’t muster up the energy to deal with a grocery store on your day off?  This actually happens to me … Continue reading

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Vegetable Mina – Matzah "Lasagna"

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We have been craving lasagna but it’s been difficult to find a vegan lasagna noodle so we have gone without.  I have considered making my own, though pasta is a little on the labor intensive side especially for someone as … Continue reading

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Nachos DFV Style

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Back in the days before we eliminated dairy from our diet Felipe and I were huge nacho snobs.  We ordered them wherever we went and became pretty tough critics.  Everybody likes their nachos a little different but the following criteria … Continue reading

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Raspberry Lemonade Cake

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When Don’t Fear The Vegan started the Facebook page and came up with the “every 100 likes a new cake recipe” thing, Twitter and Blog followings weren’t a consideration. By word of mouth we are growing in all three places … Continue reading

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Individual Chicken Less Pot Pie

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Tonight’s dinner led to a funny conversation with the Little Vegan about T.V. dinners (and an interesting internet search so we could show her a picture of the old Swanson dinners.)  When I was pregnant with her I worked with … Continue reading

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