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Vegans Say What: Non-Vegan Heirlooms

Joan and Cliff are a couple in their late fifties/early sixties that were introduced to me last spring when a coworker told them about my blog. They were interested in veganism because their daughter, Beth, had recently made the switch … Continue reading

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Vegans Say What? What do you think of PETA’s latest ad?

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So this is an ad that PETA ran in Canada in September and will be running near public schools in Reno and California. What do you think? Do you feel it will have any sort of impact? Does anyone know … Continue reading

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Vegans Say What?: What Prompted the Switch?

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Here at Don’t Fear the Vegan we hear so many stories on what lead people to their vegan journey and they always warm are hearts. We also have found over the years that those with stories rather than whims are … Continue reading

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Vegans Say What? Defining Vegan

The little vegan is out-of-town which means Hubby and I have had the opportunity for some extra date nights. As I was grabbing a jacket to wear last night I saw a jacket that I have owned for twenty years. … Continue reading

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Vegans Say What?: Animal Tested Products

As many of you know that have followed Don’t Fear the Vegan for a while, prior to being vegan or even vegetarian I have been opposed to animal tested products or those companies that do animal testing. This past week … Continue reading

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Vegans Say What? Raw Food

Over the years I have eaten prepared fancy raw meals at restaurants which I have consistently enjoyed. I have made a few simplistic recipes that I go back to over and over again because they are oh so tasty. I … Continue reading

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Vegans Say What? : Would You Go To A Vegan Deli Truck?

I apologize to those of you that might have got an incomplete copy of this sent to your email. I dropped my laptop and when I went to catch it I somehow published it. When I was 13, I had … Continue reading

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