Vegans Say What? What Do You Feed Your Vegan Pets?

With cats and dogs I know many vegans that go both ways on the topic of feeding their animals plant-based diets. I’d rather not get into the debate but instead use this as a resource for those considering to switch their pets carnivorous diets or raise a new pet on a strictly plant-based diet.  Help them out by telling them what you feed your vegan pets, if you switched their diets how you did it and what benefits you have seen from doing so.

As always, thanks for your input!


Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance
Harbingers of a New Age

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2 Responses to Vegans Say What? What Do You Feed Your Vegan Pets?

  1. Christa says:

    I have three dogs. One of my dogs has skin allergies, one dog can’t eat chicken, and one dog has no restrictions. I use to feed two different kinds of food but wanted to find something they all could eat that I could feel good about. I found Natural Balance Vegan formula fits the bill. My previous dog had hip problems, we started feeding the vegan food and his hips felt better. We stopped his supplements. My dogs coats are great and I have cut down on the steroids my dog has to take from her allergies. They love it! And it is getting easier to find in the stores.

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