Vegans Say What?: Animal Tested Products

As many of you know that have followed Don’t Fear the Vegan for a while, prior to being vegan or even vegetarian I have been opposed to animal tested products or those companies that do animal testing. This past week a vegan blog that I follow posted a picture of Arm and Hammer baking soda, and it made me curious. How many vegans look the other way when it comes to cleaning products or other household/personal care items?

I know many devoted vegans that still buy Proctor & Gamble products like toothpaste because they find others substandard, or wouldn’t consider their house clean without the use of their Swiffer. Is it really even possible to eliminate everything from our daily lives that are made by these companies? Big picture things like these make me absolutely crazy when I think about them. My house is free of the companies on the list but I know my work place is not, which is a difficult battle to fight.

Below is a link to a great page where you can find out who test, who doesn’t, completely cruelty free companies and those companies working toward regulatory change. Yes, I know some of you don’t care for PETA but honestly they do a great job of keeping these list up to date.

Animal Testing List

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