Friends of Don’t Fear the Vegan ROCK!!!

So I was eating lunch at work, reading e-mails, and was surprised by some awesome news. The blog (and I guess me) were nominated for Circle of Moms – Top 25 Foodie Moms of 2012. I am honored.  Thank you so much!

Yes, this is run by the same website that ran the Top Vegan/Vegetarian Moms Blog that I was nominated for earlier this year, which thanks to all of you I placed 15 out of 66.  This competition is a little fiercer being as Don’t Fear the Vegan is up against a wide variety of food blogs.  So far there are 140 nominees.

The best part about this is you are able to vote for more than one blog a day.  Once I get a chance to figure out who all the vegan bloggers are I will spread the word. If you are one of them and reading this, let me know so I can tell our friends!

Ok, so if you happen to be on your computer from now to May 29th and have a minute to spare I would appreciate your support.  With the last contest the blog was nominated in the last week and look how amazing it did with all your support. Just follow the link below. Thanks in advance!!

Vote for Don’t Fear the Vegan



Here is the list other vegan bloggers in the contest. Vote for them all here. If I missed any, please let me know!

A Gluten-Free Vegan Mom Who Knows
Love Life and Lollipops

Virtually Vegan Mama

Blessed Vegan Life

What Will We Eat?

Vegan Mother Hubbard

Plant Powered Kitchen

Andrea’s Cook Easy Vegan
Two Vegan Boys

My rant on Facebook:

So I finally did my homework and figured out how many vegan moms had been nominated for the top 25 Circle of Moms contest and I found 12 out of 231. Now I have a dream.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if we got together and vote to get as many vegan blogs as possible in the top twenty five? I have listed them all on the original post that I did about the contest. If I missed anyone please let me know. The bloggers that I found that have facebook pages are A Gluten-Free Vegan Mom Who Knows, Love Life and Lollipops, Veggie Kids, Virtually Vegan Mama, Cooking with Two Vegan Boys, Vegan Mother Hubbard, Dreena Burton Plant Powered Kitchen, FridgeScrapings and Veganmaman. The last two I couldn’t link to. The contest allows you to vote for as many blogs as you want once a day. Yes it’s tedious and I figure will take about 5 minutes a day but compared to the time I spend on my computer that is not much. If you are game, vote and tell your friends. We wouldn’t be saving animals but we could make an impact and show how strong the vegan community is when they get together!

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