Vegans Say What? : Would You Go To A Vegan Deli Truck?

I apologize to those of you that might have got an incomplete copy of this sent to your email. I dropped my laptop and when I went to catch it I somehow published it.

When I was 13, I had the opportunity to go stay with my grandma for a summer in a small town in Germany. Being in a small town was much different then my town in California. It was miles away from the next small town and even further to something that resembled a city. There was one small convenience store where you could purchase emergency items and a cold soda. They also had a tavern, restaurant and a church. If you wanted anything else you had to commute. Fortunately there were a couple of smart vendors that knew they could make money by bringing their business to the small towns. One of the vendors was a truck that arrived daily much like an American ice cream truck would drive through the town at dinner time selling prepared sausages and my all time favorite, curry fries. The other vendor was a portable deli that came every morning just in time for breakfast selling buns, cold cuts and cheeses.

As many of you know, here at DFV we have created a line of seiten which we are in the process of getting ready to sell. Lately, while doing my research I have started to think that instead of choosing a local farmers market to sell it at each week, what if we did something like a deli truck that sold fresh sliced vegan sandwich goods, salads/sides and maybe slices of cake, much like what you would find in a regular grocery store deli if you weren’t vegan? Then to make it just a wee bit more convenient, what if it came to a different neighborhood each day so you could count on your vegan deli being there on a specific day at a specific time?

Ok, so this time I am calling all vegans for their opinions for my personal education. Even if you aren’t in Seattle let us know if this is something you would be interested in. If you are interested, what type of items would you love to see? As always, thanks for your participation!

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7 Responses to Vegans Say What? : Would You Go To A Vegan Deli Truck?

  1. Amber says:

    I think it’s a pretty great idea! Vegan Sandwich truck, or vegan sausages in a bun! You could circulate at lunch time.

  2. Marquesa says:

    I think I would love you!

  3. I have thought about a similar idea! Definitely think you should go for it!!!


  4. Josh says:

    Hey! It’s Josh from work! I’m loving your blog, but more importantly I’m LOVING that you’re starting a seitan line! I love love love seitan, but man oh man is it a persnickety creation. You’ll have to fill me in when you have a chance πŸ˜€ As far as food trucks go…Capitol Hill with its drunken nights and drug-induced munchies fosters a thriving late night food truck business. It would be a great way to introduce a new product. Kids these days know all about vegan options and many of them seek them out. Definitely something to think about.

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