2nd Annual 12 Days Gift Give Away Starts Today!

Happy Holidays Kids!  We cannot believe a whole year has passed since last year’s give away. If you’ve started following in the past 11 months or so you can read the post that started this DFV tradition here.

To say I hated Christmas is a little strong. I was Christmas….. apathetic.  My family was on the other side of the country and I had my kid only every other year.  Fortunately, Los Angeles is a great place to be if you’re spending Christmas alone.  With the number of Hebrews and kids far away from home chasing entertainment industry dreams, there are plenty of things to keep you occupied if you aren’t celebrating the day and I easily fell away from the traditional celebratory nature of the holiday.

Enter the wife and her family.  They love Christmas.  Word to the single folks out there, when you marry somebody you marry their family traditions too, and when stuff like this starts showing up in your (formerly) bachelor pad you have little choice but to get with the program.  Fortunately the little vegan’s excitement is infectious so it’s been pretty easy for me to enjoy the holidays once again.


This year we’ve collected a great bunch of gifts to pass on to our readers.   First the bad news: we’ve moved from Seattle, so there will not be any Mighty-O Donuts for christmas this year.  Holly N. scored that one last year!  The good news is we’ve put together an awesome mega gift box in their place.  A bunch of great companies large and small have donated all sorts of goodies that are up for grabs between today and Day 12.  Like the real 12 days, we are opening the presents one day at a time, so be sure to check the blog, Twitter and/or Facebook page daily.

Now that we got your attention with the free stuff, let’s get this one outta the way before getting to the really good presents.  Everybody at some point has tore open a present only to find out it’s socks.  Socks aren’t a bad present per se’, everybody needs them and some are really cool but, let’s be honest we all hoped it was something else.  Well not today, today’s present is socks.  Not just any socks though, these socks loudly proclaim you’re a vegan……to anybody who is looking at your calves.


Let’s be clear this isn’t a ‘contest’.  We’re giving away gifts to our friends.  However the limit quantities available gifts means we need to make some choices.   If you want to receive a gift, please leave a comment on the Don’t Fear the Vegan blog post for that day.  Commenting on Facebook doesn’t count.  Around midnight Pacific time the day after a post, a  recipient will be randomly chosen from the comments section.  We will reveal the gift recipients in individual posts the following day in a new post, a reply in the comments and a fair attempt at emailing.  The giftee will have 48 hours to contact us from the time of post, otherwise we will choose another lucky reader will be chosen who then has 48 hours to get back to us, and so on…. We have learned from past give aways that it is sometimes very difficult to get a hold of folks.  Lastly we can only afford to ship within the United States.  Sorry the rest of the world.

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14 Responses to 2nd Annual 12 Days Gift Give Away Starts Today!

  1. gaiantlc says:

    Cool socks! Thanks for doing such a fun giveaway!

  2. Em says:

    I’ve seen these socks elsewhere and I’ve always thought they were great “fun” socks!

  3. Sharon says:

    I always give my husband socks for Christmas–these would be an awesome gift!

  4. Lea says:

    Love them, and your blog!

  5. Joanne Starkey says:

    Merry Christmas!!! What a sweet giveaway!! ♥

  6. Donna K says:

    i was just telling my granddaughter that socks are an excellent Christmas present!

  7. viki says:

    very cool of you to do this! 🙂

  8. MizzB says:

    Super looking socks! Following on Facebook, and the blog!

  9. Janel M. says:

    Now who doesn’t like socks?

  10. sweetveg says:

    I love those socks.I was just thinking this week that I need to be more vocal about my beliefs, too. I think these socks might help! 🙂

  11. Tamar Magdovitz says:

    I’m a preschool teacher (Ms, Frizzle wannabe) in a public school and the students always check out my socks and earrings. This should get a good discussion going!

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