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Being a working mom I spend a lot of time away from the family and for that reason, when I am not working I try to make all my plans to include the little vegan. Lately I have been thinking about doing more for the vegan/animal community, more than simply handing over a check, but I would like to be able to include the kiddo.

Below is the question I posted on Facebook yesterday and would love to hear any other ideas. Thanks, in advance!

What type of volunteer work have you done or are you currently doing for the vegan community or animal rights? What type of volunteer work is out there that kids may also take part in?

Facebook responses:

  • Tia Menapace Paquette A good place to start is the animal shelter with kids. You could walk dogs, clean cages, cuddle with the cats, etc… Every one of them need and deserve to feel love and comfort and a compassionate child can do just that.
  • Diane Gohl Spriggs I volunteer at a wildlife rehabilitation center…a lot of our wildlife is hurt or orphaned because of humans….
  • Bridget Linn I volunteer with my local animal rescue. I’m a penpal to one of the Pit Bulls who lives in the shelter, I take him hiking 3-4x a week, I walk dogs, scoop poop, do transports, I’m a leash holder at events, I’ve fostered. I also have an 8 month old baby girl & she does everything with me (since 6 weeks old)! My husband volunteers & my parents even are involved & they’re fostering their second dog & help out at events & now my 13 yr old cousin volunteers! It’s awesome to help out animals in need!!
  • Jen Steinbock I volunteer at the local shelter and do transports and adoption events. My daughter, now 17 has done the same by my side since she was about 2.
  • Lisa Clark N Waffles I just completed volunteer training at my local SPCA. I cant wait to start so I can make some new pet friends and take them for walks on the nature trails.
  • Crystal Danhoff Hale The shelters around here don’t allow minors to volunteer, for liability reasons, but we do involve our kids in donating supplies to shelters and rescues, and when they get older and smarter with dogs, we’ll foster rescued animals as well.
  • Jessi VanPelt I volunteer for Carnism Awareness & Action Network. Locally (Orlando), I know kids that protest the circus, pet stores, etc. with their parents. Fostering cats and dogs might be a good way to help if your kids are younger than the age minimum for shelter volunteering.
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2 Responses to Volunteer Work

  1. simplylackingzen says:

    I am a full time mom of 2 little boys. I have been trying lately to find some more things to do for me, so i decided to maybe do volunteer work. I am not 100% vegan at the time but found an awesome non profit thst supports animal rights and run by yoga enthusiasts. I was so happy, until i was told today by the company i couldnt volunteer unless i was vegan! 😦

    • That is a tough one. I know many vegan restaurants that are vegan owned and operated and as part of the community I understand that. However, as an animal rights organization where they are most likely educating the public, you would think they would bring in non vegans to educate and possibly convert them. Thanks for sharing!

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