Kid’s Food Swap

A mask I received in one of my swaps that Anzia commandeered.

A mask I received in one of my swaps that Anzia commandeered.

UPDATE 3/7/2013: One more shout out about the Kid’s Food Swap. There is still time to sign up. We have an interested family in Canada and I would love to find more Canadian families that would be interested in participating. If you have already signed up you should have received an email this evening. If you did not get the email we may not have got your entry. Please email with any questions.

As I have mentioned on past blog posts, I was doing a vegan food swap, which I absolutely loved on the Verdant Life.  It took a recess during the holidays and then in an effort to attempt to save money, I have taken a break from doing it.  Something I didn’t expect was that our little vegan, Anzia is extremely disappointed.

You have to understand that this is the fairly odd child that can be walked through an entire Toys ‘R Us, not asking for anything and when things don’t work out her way she can explain the outcome rationally, with little to no disappointment. So for her to even be phased by this change, caused me to step back and take note.

One of the many things I have learned from this blog via the parents, is that the vegan kids out there, don’t have many vegan friends in their daily life. Even here in Seattle, Anzia has met a few, but they aren’t in her normal circle. So why not let these kids meet other vegan kids, even if they are across the country and it’s via mail. Hey, they all need practice writing and as parents we could make it so a letter or card has to be included.

Just think how many of us have made a community of friends via the web so we don’t feel alone and can share ideas. Kids need this too and what better way to start getting them together so they know they aren’t alone. They are the future of Veganism.

Here is what I am thinking:
1. Open this up to school aged kids.
2. Send a package of vegan goods between $10-20 (fill out the form and we will go with the majority.)

3. Kids have to send a card or letter along with their package and a little bit of information about where they live so it is also a geography lesson (it could be something as simple as a postcard.)

4. If the trial run is successful, we could do it quarterly. Once we see how the first one goes we can discuss further.

5. Don’t worry if your child has allergies or intolerance’s, or you are concerned about preservatives, we can make sure that we ask those things before sending out packages.

6. I would like to start this in April so the cut off date to enter will be March 20th. I will do it as long as there are 5 kids willing to participate.

To sign up, fill out form below. I will contact everyone by the end of March.

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5 Responses to Kid’s Food Swap

  1. Absi says:

    Wish this was running in the UK! What a great idea x

  2. Jason says:

    Wish I could take part but my boy is only 1 month old and although he’ll grow up in a vegan household, he’s still aways away from eating solids (not to mention reading and writing!). Hopefully something like this will still be happening when he’s old enough to take part. Good luck!

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