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Game Day Sunday Vegan Style – A Dozen Recipes

Despite the fact that I have never really been in to football, except for the brief moment I was a high school cheerleader, I have always enjoyed a good Game Day party. Have I mentioned before how much I love … Continue reading

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It is Girl Scout Cookie Time

Last year, as some of the older friends of the blog know our little vegan, Anzia, opted out of the Girl Scout cookie sale because our area goes through Little Brownie Bakery, who does not offer a vegan option. Instead, … Continue reading

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Worthy of Sharing: Mandatory Labeling of Animal Products

I love the idea of products being labeled if they contain animal products, just as is done with products containing allergens! If you agree please sign the petition and share. You will need to sign in, but I feel that … Continue reading

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Worthy of Sharing: Force Facebook to Remove Animal Torture Page

A friend of mine asked me to sign this cause today. Not sure if the causes thing really works but I felt disgusted enough by this to feel the need to bring it to peoples attention. Click the link below. … Continue reading

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Creamy Walnut, Roasted Asparagus and Mushroom Soup

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We had some asparagus sitting in the fridge that needed to be used and I was determined to do something different with it. My weekend is on Friday and Saturday and starting Thursday night when I got off work, I … Continue reading

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Gluten-Free Carrot Cornbread Muffins

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When we made stew we needed corn bread! Usually Hubby makes our cornbread from a mix and it is pretty tasty, but going with the idea of using up what we had in the cupboards and fridge, the little vegan, … Continue reading

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Must Go Kale, Bean, and Vegetable Stew

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Growing up my sister and I would look forward to “must go” day where my dad would pull everything out of the fridge and come up with a meal that included all the food that needed to be eaten before … Continue reading

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Circle of Mom’s 2013 – Thanks for the Nomination!

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What a wonderful email to wake up to: the blog has been nominated for this years 2013 Top 25 Vegan and Vegetarian’s Moms. This made my day. We were nominated last year also and made it in the top 25. … Continue reading

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Speciesism Sucks!

Don’t get us wrong, fighting for the safety of any living being is important!

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Mom’s Spätzle – German Vegg Noodle

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Growing up there wasn’t a holiday where my Dad didn’t make up a big batch of  spätzle. He always made extra so that he could send all our guest home with to-go packages. My parents both love to cook, but … Continue reading

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