Worthy of Sharing: Tips to Stay Vegan

I read this great post by Sarah and Jenny from over at VeganSaurus and had to share. The only thing I would change would be making “Taking it easy on yourself!’ to #1. I speak with so many people who tried to go vegan then do something not vegan and give up. Some are fortunate and they wake up one morning and they are vegan. For others I feel the process takes a little more time. This tip is a great reminder to keep trying and not give up. Maybe a 10 step program and sponsors would be good! 🙂

The second one I take issue with is the tattoo, but only because I am scared to death of needles. I have kept a picture since I was 18 of the tattoo I want. Maybe when I reach my next milestone and turn 50! By the way, I love the tattoo that is pictured on the link below. Beautiful!

How to STAY vegan: 13 tips!

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