Vegan MOFO: Y is for YUMMY

Honestly, I knew this post was going to be yummy for a long time but originally I was going to try to veganize my grandma’s rum trifle which is most definitely YUMMY. That plan was ruined when I went a little crazier than usual. Yes, I am crazy, just ask my hubby or any other member of my family.

So our local vegan grocery store Sidecar For Pigs Peace, (which is a non-profit making money for the Pigs Peace Sanctuary and their rescued pigs) is hosting a bake sale this weekend. Last time I was able to donate I made individual chocolate raspberry cakes that were a hit. This time I had caramel apples and truffles on my mind. Not that I could just make one thing and call it good. Well I have a new respect for chocolatiers. I started this project at 8am and worked until after 1 am. The saddest part is that though everything tasted great, and personally as a vegan I really miss being able to go to a candy shop and buy a caramel apple, I don’t feel that they looked nearly as impressive as the cakes did. I just hope at the end they are able to make some money off the items and they know lots of love went into them.

Well, I try to look at the optimistic side and I decided to turn my FAIL into a back patting session for others. So if you have been following the MOFO RSS feed you know for your self that there have been some amazing YUMMY recipes out there! Today I am going to highlight some recipes I have book marked and that I found to look YUMMY! Now keep in mind, I couldn’t talk about all the ones I loved and I also tried to give props to bloggers that I haven’t previously written about in this amazing month of YUMMY food.

Check these out:

A Dash Of Compassion posted a recipe for Pear Vanilla Fruit Leather which reminds me that I need to add a dehydrator to my Christmas wish list.

I also wanted to take part in this weeks Iron Chef Challenge but that plan went out the window with the trifle. However Carrot Top Vegan pulled it off with Curry Carrot Oat Latkes. I can’t wait to try these out!

Since making my cinnamon rolls for Vegan Mainstream I have been trying to figure out how to make a pumpkin version. Well Geek To Nature figured it out for me with these Pumpkin Pecan Cinnamon Rolls. My dad’s 60th birthday is Thanksgiving and I think these will make the perfect breakfast!

So there are a group of people at my work addicted to pork buns but I have never tried them. This recipe from Veggie Converter 365 for Vegan Steamed Pork Buns will let me see what they are all about and maybe convert some of the pork eaters in the process.

Messy Vegetarian Cook made these Braided Syrupy Doughnuts which look absolutely beautiful and sound YUMMY!

Early on in MOFO, JL Goes Vegan posted this recipe for Breakfast Pumpkin Biscotti which I think I will have to make this next week when my pumpkin loving Italian father in law is in town.

This is awesome because I have some recipes to try out after MOFO is over. Did I miss anything that you found to be amazing? I would love if you would share!

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2 Responses to Vegan MOFO: Y is for YUMMY

  1. Hey, thanks for the mention! I’m happy that my bread fail turned biscotti looks good to you šŸ˜‰ (Turned out to be one of my favorite recipes of the month!)

    I’ll bet your treats are a hit — we are are own harshest critics. How cool that your local grocer supports pigs! LOVE that!

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