Caramel Sauce

Miss caramel ice cream Sundays? This works perfect.  Use your imagination and put it on anything you would use caramel sauce for.  Warning, it is a long process.  To make it right you will need at least 2 hours.  You must stir constantly.  The little vegan was a great help as long as I let her taste the goods occasionally.
By the way, we don’t allow high fructose corn syrup in our house.  Corn syrup is not the same thing and for this we use organic light corn syrup.

1 cup vegan butter
2 cups organic raw sugar
2 cups sweetened mimic creme
1 cup organic light corn syrup

In a large pot mix all ingredients and bring to a boil.  Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until candy reaches 230 degrees.  Pour in glass jar.  When ready to use place jar in a pot of hot water.

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