The Little Things Really Are What Count!

This blog was started out of desperation for a creative outlet, the need to help people, and selfishly, something to simply call my own.

As rewarding as it can be at times, my current field was never my life ambition. Around the time I started this blog I had reached an all time personal low and needed to find a healthy way to escape my thoughts and unwind.  Don’t Fear the Vegan was born during this dark time and I am still amazed on a daily basis at how big our community is getting and how great the friends of the blog really are! It has been a great way for me to share my creativity in the kitchen, spread some information and connect people. Some days I actually feel like this blog that began to help me, may have helped a few new vegans or people not so new but struggling. It has been rewarding on so many levels.

Other days though, I wonder if anyone out there really cares. Then a few little things happen and I am reminded that I am doing this for a reason other than my own selfishness!

This weekend was the second of our two vegan bake sales for my daughters Girl Scout troop. At the sale we held on Saturday we sold out in 90 minutes. We raised $500 total which we will be splitting between the Girl Scout Troop and NARN (Northwest Animal Rights Network.) Thanks again for all the kind words and support.

Today I came home to the sweetest message on the Facebook page and I wanted to give an extra big thanks to Melissa! Your message made my day, week, okay… my year! Here it is:

“Just a FYI. Eco-Vegan Gal asked her FB fans what the best vegan pages are and why. Here is what i said : I love Don’t Fear The Vegan facebook page and blog !!! She is amazing. She has delicious recipes and tips for living a healthy vegan lifestyle….
Hope you get some more followers from it. Thanks for all your hard work!”

A friend recently told me that she think we go through things to help others later when they are struggling with the same thing. I tend to believe this is true. For that reason, I will continue to share my struggles and experiences, speak up for the animals, and continue to cook things I am hungry for because, just maybe, some one else out there is too!

Thanks for reading!

Steffi xo

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2 Responses to The Little Things Really Are What Count!

  1. Michelle says:

    I’ve been vegan for about 18 months and I’ll never ever “go back”. People in my life, even new people, tell me that they are eating towards a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle and I cheer them on all the way! I KNOW that blogs like yours help those people because blogs like yours helped me when I needed a community in this big change. Thank you for everything, really.

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