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12 Days: The Silkology Apron Winner Is…

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Congrats to Gina! We have emailed you directly. If you didn’t get it, please contact us at Thanks for following us!

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12 Days of Christmas – Day 9 Two Vegan Ladies Alfredo Sauce

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One of the things I’ve missed the most in our vegan lifestyle has been Italian food.  Let’s face it, next to French cuisine, Italian food has to be some of the most cheese & cream heavy fare there is.  Over … Continue reading

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12 Days – Day 8: Vegan Mainstream and Pumpkin, Cranberry & White Chocolate Chip Pancakes

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One of the things we love about the vegan lifestyle is the sense of community we all tend to have with each other.  I know that sounds like some hippy-dippy, touchy feel-ly, new age-y Kumbaya crap, but it seems to … Continue reading

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Day 5 Salt & Seasoning Winner

The lucky person who gets to spice things up is Shawna Hemstreet. Congrats! We have emailed you. In case you didn’t get it , email us at

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12 Days: Day 7 Italian Sausage Hummus Wrap and Tofurky

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At any given time you could open the Don’t Fear the Vegan fridge and find the Tofurky hickory deli slices and their Italian sausage, though oddly enough there are very few recipes on the blog which include Tofurky products. Hubby … Continue reading

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12 Days – Day 4 Winner

Karen T is today’s lucky recipient of a DVD copy of ‘Vegucated‘, a documentary by Marissa Miller Wolfson. Thank you to Demetrius B. for providing the disc.

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12 Days – Day 6 – Silk(ology) Apron Re-gift

Ever receive a gift, perfectly well made and useful, but for whatever reason it’s just not your thing?  Nice enough that you wouldn’t feel right tossing it, but you know you’re never going to use it?  That’s today’s gift. Last … Continue reading

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Day 5 – Salt & Seasoning Collection

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Salt is so ubiquitous as to be almost unremarkable right. Its in every kitchen in the world and it tends to be white (though other colors are becoming common).  What else is there to say?  After a quick trip to … Continue reading

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Day 3 Winner

Congrats to new reader Jeanne Petrus Rivera!  As today’s lucky winner you get a package of Vegg, the excellent egg emulator.  Jeanne, please send us an email with a shipping address to we’ll get that out to you shortly.  … Continue reading

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Blog reader Connie you’re the lucky winner of the Gardein Insulated bag and coupons!  Please write us at with a shipping address. Big thank you to the folks at Gardein for the bag and coupons.

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